Welcome to Cubus House®

Cubus House® is an own unique philosophy of freedom and a way of living.
We offer an innovative system for fast-building self-sufficient houses.

Build anywhere

You are no longer confined to a type of terrain or infrastructure.
Cubus House® can be build on any site, be it a flat terrain or a cliff over a sea view.
You can stop worrying about infrastructure like electricity or water – we’ve got it all covered with our high end self-sustainable technology.
You now have true freedom to build your new home anywhere.

Build on rough terrain

Build elevated

Build conventional


Cubus House® system is trully scalable. It can be made modular for mass construction
and improved mobility or it can be utilized to build custom large scale houses.
It suits your needs whether is it 30m2 or 300m2.

Construction technology

Cubus House® main construction is build from premium steel which assures the longest possible lifespan of the house.
All parts – from the main construction to the last drawer – are all easily assembled and dry-mounted.
Critical parts of the construction are completely submerged in a thick layer of blown-in-place insulation.
Windows are aluminun framed  and are made wih three-layered glass for optimum thermal insulation.
Even the foundations are prefabricated and easily applied to the base.
All material finishes are high quality to withstand wear and ensure long lifespan.

Self-supply technology

Core of Cubus House® philosophy is the ability to construct totally self-sustainable house.
We can assure that with a range of innovative technologies.


Our construction allows free forming of living spaces with an abundance of natural light  – which makes them open to offer true connection with nature and the surroundings.
We offer a range of options for individual finishes and customisation.

We are sure you must have many by now.
And here are a few from us.
The actual possibilities are limitless.

Cubus House 40

Cubus House 40-SAUNA

Cubus House 50

Cubus House 50-G

Cubus House 80

Cubus House 100-D

Cubus House 200

Cubus House 300