Engineering the future of self sufficient luxury housing

Concept philosophy
of CubusHouse​

The concept of CubusHouse represents a milestone in the construction of mobile buildings and tourist resorts as well as
residential buildings for different purposes. We utilize a multi-level approach, especially introducing various innovative solutions
in solving the problems of tourism, everyday living and modern lifestyle.

CubusHouse is a synonym for dry-mounting construction of mobile and residential buildings on all types of terrain.

Our mission

CubusHouse mission is to develop and provide ultimate self sufficient luxury housing of the future.

Our highly experienced team of architects, engineers and environmental experts are designing and developing the future of self sufficient eco friendly luxury housing.

Our solutions

CubusHouse holiday homes are revolutionizing market of luxury holiday homes with its outstanding eco friendly design, self sufficiency and impeccable quality.
CubusHouse is taking the holiday home experience to a new elite level. Despite its luxurious and innovative design, CubusHouse
holiday homes represent a new improved level in safety. Not only are the CubusHouse holiday homes one of the safest, but
designed to take on all forces of nature , with possibility of being built as completely self sufficient units independent of its

Build anywhere

With CubusHouse it is possible due to the nature of foundations and its mobile base to build on any kind of terrain.

Ease of construction

All parts of CubusHouse mobile facilities are preassembled, delivered to the construction site and dry mounted into place. This has significant impact on the speed of construction.

Environmentally friendly

CubusHouse facilities made by a combination of the construction method and the technologies used leave a minimal impact on the environment. All materials used are fully recyclable.


Given the nature and quality of the materials CubusHouse facilities are able to withstand long lasting weathering as well as the negative impact of usage and everyday wear.

Whole buildings can be made as prefabricates – mobile houses with a CE mark.


CubusHouse luxury mobile holiday homes are designed to withstand demanding and rough seaside conditions as well as cope with geological challenges of the soil, wind and salt. All CubusHouse mobile holiday homes are eco-friendly and built with minimum landscape and nature interaction.

Desalination with ultrafitration

With desalination devices drinking water is extracted from seawater.

Collecting water

Rainwater can be collected into storage tanks that allow efficient water management is households thus reducing operating costs. It can be used as process water and with additional filtration for the needs for household.

Solar technology

Producing electricity from sunlight or solar radiation is expected to be obtained by a separate unit mounted on the plot. It is also possible to install solar panels on the roof surfaces.

Incineration of waste

Incineration of waste is carried out in compact devices that allow heat recovery to heat water or subject.

Treatment plant

Wastewater treatment is carried out by means of anaerobic biological treatment plants, which operate without the use of electricity.

Natural energy

House design with natural proceses in mind.



With the CE mark we guarantee the quality and safety of the built mobile buildings, namely: the load and fire safety required by
European standards, the adequacy of materials and the house as a whole, is proved by appropriate certificates.

Extending our reach

CubusHouse is partnering with the biggest providers of holiday home rentals.
Particularly important is the establishment of cooperation with various domestic and foreign real estate and rental agencies.
To this end, we have established a partnership with the internationally successful agencies, who see the advantages and opportunities of business cooperation in the sale and management of CubusHouse resorts.

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